22" Piggable Plug

Piggable Plugs

The Proplug Piggable Plug has been specially developed to provide a means of temporarily isolating a pipeline at low pressure. Inflation of the tyres is carried out using umbilical hoses at the rear of the plug, which are disconnected prior to launch. Depending upon the requirements, the tyres may be left inflated or remotely deflated for pigging out of the line.

Piggable Plug

Standard Features

  • Suitable for pipelines 6” and above
  • Utilises PRO-CORE high pressure inflatable tyre system for up to 5Bar pressure holding.
  • Seals Made in-house from solid polyurethane
  • Capable of large inflation (expansion)
  • Modular design with no internal hosing for enhanced integrity
  • Optional independent tyre inflation 
  • Utilises conventional pigging technology (Seals & Guides)
  • Standard body construction is Stainless Steel
  • Optional tyre pressure relief system to minimise pigging pressure
  • Special units available to traverse pipeline restrictions, multi diameter systems, bends and wye pieces